“Firewalk Marketing is a top promoter agency servicing all areas of South Africa.”


“Distinguishing differences between us and our competitors:”

  • You will be dealing with one person that will manage all your campaigns and activate the entire country;

  • We support Enterprise Development and empower our supervisors to run their own businesses.  Supervisors are not employed by us, they bill us according to the campaigns they have activated;

  • You will have dedicated fully trained promoters that will deliver high standard promotions in line with your vision, mission and passion;


The most important difference is that Firewalk Marketing is not channelling money to the owner, our aim is to secure more business to enable us to develop job opportunities and sustain a healthy enterprise development programme.   


Firewalk Marketing has established offices and satellite offices in all major centers and can provide trained and professional promoters to you anywhere in South Africa.


Services offered:


•  Instore brand ambassadors

•  Field brand ambassadors

•  Merchandisers

•  Market researchers

•  Event staff

•  Road shows (set-up, staffing and managing)

•  Pamphlet distribution

•  Mascots